Improving your credit score: Length of credit history

The length of your credit history affects about 15% of your FICO® credit score.*

The longer you’ve been building your credit history, the better it looks to the credit bureaus. They assume that a person with 15 years of recorded on-time payments is more likely to continue making on-time payments than a person with 1 year of on-time payments.

Here’s an idea for improving your length of credit history, without having to wait several years.

Don’t open several new accounts in a short time periodYour FICO® credit score considers the average age of your accounts. If you open a number of accounts at the same time, your average age will be younger.

What is a FICO® credit score and what goes into it?

A credit score is a calculation that indicates how likely you are to pay back debts. The FICO® score is the most common type, and is a three digit number (between 300 and 850), where a higher score means more likely to pay back a debt. It is calculated by a math formula that takes into account the following factors:

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