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Illustration of Oportun's new partner app, Digit, showing a user who saved $9.27 yesterday

We joined forces with Digit to offer you more ways to improve your financial health

Effortless saving

Reach your savings goals faster than you thought possible

Simple investing

Invest in a long-term portfolio, your retirement, or both

Reduce overdrafts

Get fast transfers that bring your bank balance back to a safe level

Illustration of Digit's app showing a user's savings goals and how close they are to reaching them.

Take the worry out of your money

Get the super simple app that thinks about saving and investing, so you don’t have to. Digit uses technology and financial best practices to calculate smart amounts to save for you.

How it works

Link your bank and tell Digit about your money goals

Digit calculates smart amounts for you to save

Small transfers into Digit add up to reach your goals

Put your money to work

Get effortless saving from Digit, free for one month

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