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Oportun Enterprise Platform

Oportun’s Enterprise Platform gives partners the ability to expand their product offering, broaden their customer base, and connect members to financial services through Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) or Embedded Finance solutions.

Lending as a Service

Give your customers another reason to come back to you with scalable LaaS options. Quickly and easily enhance your product offering when you mix and match from our menu:



Give your customers access to personal loans and other financial services with our simple LaaS Quickstart program. Through our cobranded marketing solution, your customers can apply directly with Oportun when they need a loan. We give you the materials you need for the program to be a success.


Give your customers access to affordable lending without overtaxing your team. LaaS Lite integrates with your transaction experience using an API to capture a few pieces of basic information when a customer is interested in a loan. From there, the application is submitted to Oportun and we handle the rest. This cobranded experience leverages our knowledgeable team so that your team doesn’t have to do any extra work.


Already offer financial services? Add personal loans to your suite of products and expand your customer profile to include thin file and no credit customers. Our fully integrated lending solution offers flexible branding and customer support options to fit your needs.

Embedded Finance

Offer customers a faster, more seamless payment experience by integrating Oportun financial services directly into your POS platform. Our API-driven solution lets you easily provide a line of credit to your customers, including those with no credit and thin credit files. Potential integrations could include:

  • POS platforms
  • Digital wallets
  • Merchants
  • Any nonfinancial provider wanting to provide digital lending services
  • Financial providers with the need for a no-credit or thin file provider


Please email Chris Liu, VP

[email protected]

No matter your money goals, our job is to help make them happen.

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