New Jersey residents can now apply for affordable Oportun loans!


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Hello New Jersey! Hello Elizabeth!

We’re Oportun and we’ve just opened our very first location in New Jersey (and 300th nationwide) – right on Elmora and New Jersey Avenue in Elizabeth.

Don’t live near Elizabeth? You can still apply for our affordable loans online and by phone.

During our 12 years as a personal lending company, we have provided affordable loans to more than a million customers, many of whom had little or no credit history before coming to us.

Our first-time customers save an average of $1,000* when they choose Oportun over alternative lenders like payday, auto-title and pawn-shop loans. That is because our personal loans come with fixed and affordable payments. You’ll know how much you borrowed, how much you owe, and the total cost of the loan before you even sign the contract.

But that is not the only advantage: We can also help you establish credit history by reporting your account to two of the three major credit bureaus.

We are thrilled to be here and excited to help New Jersey residents begin building a better future.

Apply online at 
Visit our office at 128 Elmora Ave., Unit B, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202
Call us at (732) 497-3253

*Oportun: The True Cost of a Loan – Based on research commissioned by Oportun and conducted by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), the total savings number equals the difference between the average cost of other widely-available alternative lending products that customers may have used and the average cost of an Oportun loan of the same amount, multiplied by Oportun first-time borrowers. CFSI analyzed the rates, fees, and terms for payday, pawn, auto-title, installment and rent-to-own products for customers in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah, and calculated the total cost of those products for common loan amounts. CFSI considered the loan repayment structure and timeframe for each product, borrower income, the potential for rollovers and refinancing, and legal parameters that prevent or constrain borrowing. Oportun updates the model quarterly to calculate the total amount that Oportun first-time borrowers have saved since 2006 in interest and fees compared to the alternative products. The actual savings for each customer will vary based on specific loan terms and alternative products available in your area. 


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Ready to build a better future? Apply now.

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Ready to build a better future? Apply now.

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