We’re here to help you build new opportunities. Whether you’re borrowing money for the first time or working to improve your credit, the Oportun community offers products and support that work for you.


We care about helping you take control of your future. We make a difference by giving you:

  • An affordable approach to borrowing
  • An opportunity to establish credit history
  • Fast, budget-friendly help when you need it

Our products

Personal loans

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  • Loans from $300 to $9,000
  • Fixed and affordable payments
  • Receive funds fast

Auto loans

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  • Financing from $5,000 to $30,000
  • Purchase a vehicle from a dealership or private seller
  • Design your loan terms
  • Apply from your phone or computer


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  • $100 top ups when you’re low
  • Free account updates
  • Sign up in minutes

Our community programs

Through our partners, you can access financial resources and find resources that can save you money.

Local partners

Our partner SpringFour can help you discover nonprofit and government services near you. Save money, access healthcare, find a job, or look for vouchers to help you cover pressing costs.

Financial coaching

If you want to learn about your credit score or could use guidance on how to save for a long-term goal, we’ll put you in touch with UnidosUS for free financial coaching.


How fast is the application process for a personal loan?

We know your time is valuable and we’re committed to providing you with fast service. Prequalification takes only minutes and will not impact your FICO® credit score. The full application process typically takes under 10 minutes if you supply the correct documentation. Most approved applicants receive their funds the same day they apply.

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What documentation do I need to apply for an auto loan?

Be prepared to share the following documents:

  • A valid driver’s license issued by a state government agency
  • Proof of income, such as current pay stubs or current bank statements
  • Verification of address, such as a piece of mail with your name and address (cannot be a PO box)
  • Up to four personal references, which can include friends, family, or employers
  • Proof of auto insurance
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What is OportunPath and how does it work?

OportunPath provides fast, friendly help between paychecks. We offer helpful insights and alerts about your checking account balance, and for those eligible, a fast deposit, up to $100 (a top up), to cover upcoming or unexpected expenses.

If you’re eligible, top ups are available when your balance drops to $100 or less. You’ll receive a text message asking if you want a $100 top up. Simply reply “top up” and the funds will be deposited into your checking account in minutes.

Top ups are recouped automatically when your checking account balance rises above the threshold. Don’t worry, if your balance goes back down, we’ll ask if you want another top up—but you can only have one top up at a time.

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