Meet our leadership team

Alicia Dagosta

VP, Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Legal & Compliance

Ann Stonehouse

VP, Direct Marketing

Ben Armstrong

Chief Marketing Officer

Bo Hu

VP, Growth Marketing & Analytics

Bryan Rubeo

VP, General Manager, Secured Personal Loan (SPL)

Casey Mueller

VP, Finance & Controller

Chris Liu

VP, Credit Card Operations

Christina Fields

VP, Retail and Operations

Christine Martin

VP, Total Rewards & Human Resources Information System

Chuck Johnston

VP, Data & Business Intelligence

David Needham

Chief Product Officer

Eric Cunningham

VP, Collections

Ezra Garrett

SVP, Public Affairs and Impact

Gaurav Rana

SVP, Data & Analytics

Gonzalo Palacio

SVP, Credit Cards

Heidi Barron

VP, Store Development & Facilities

Joan Aristei

General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer

John Foxgrover

SVP, Capital Markets & Treasurer

Jonathan Coblentz

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Liu

VP, Collections Analytics

Kate Layton

SVP, Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Secretary

Kyle Rhoades

VP, Capital Markets & Treasury

Marta Palacios

VP, Assistant General Counsel, Commercial, Global & IP
Portrait of Oportun's Martin Lespada

Martin Lespada

VP, Deposit Products

Matt Jenkins

Chief Operations Officer

Nicholas LeCuyer

SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development

Nils Erdmann

VP, Investor Relations

Patrick Kirscht

Chief Credit Officer

Rahul Vemulapally

VP, Risk Management, Credit Cards

Ram Ramaswamy

SVP, New Products Engineering

Raul Vazquez

Chief Executive Officer

Seher Banwari

VP, Compliance & Enterprise Risk

Shyam Rapaka

Head of Technology

Stacy Newton

Chief People Officer

Tom Ennis

VP, Talent Management & Acquisition, Compensation

Trevor Wade

VP, Brand & Content

Tyson Kopczynski

Chief Information Security Officer

Usher Lieberman

VP, Corporate Communications

Veejay Leswal

VP, Technology & Cloud Operations

Vijay Anne

VP, Risk Management

Our board of directors

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