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We’ve teamed up with Digit to help you reach your money goals

Oportun has acquired Digit! We think you’ll enjoy the financial tools Digit has to offer and can’t wait for you to give it a try.

Digit is a super simple app that makes it easy to save money, start investing, and even help reduce overdraft fees. And Digit has been pretty darn good at helping millions of people reach their goals. On average, Digit members double their liquid savings one year after signing up.* Here’s how Digit has helped members:

  • $3,000+ saved on average per member per year**
  • $7.6 billion+ saved by members
  • $750 million+ saved toward debt by members

By joining forces with our friends at Digit, we are able to offer you more ways to improve your financial health.

Effortless saving

Add as many savings goals as you want, you’ll reach them faster than you thought possible.

Simple investing

Invest in a balanced, long-term portfolio or contribute toward your retirement (or both).

Help reduce overdrafts

Get help avoiding overdraft fees with transfers that bring your bank balance back to a safe level.

Illustration of the Digit budget dashboard and a happy woman
Illustration of the Digit budget dashboard and a happy woman

We believe Digit is a step in the right direction toward building a healthy financial future, and we think you’re going to love it.

How it works

Digit links with your bank and calculates smart savings based on your income and spending habits. It then sets aside small amounts toward your goals that you won’t notice. And it adds up! The app also helps unlock financial freedom by doing smart things with your money, like budgeting, banking, and more.

Get 1 year free

Illustration showing a phone with the Digit app

We’re waiving the subscription fee for eligible Oportun members to help you make progress on your goals.

Log in to see if you qualify

Members love Digit

Digit has helped me start saving money on a consistent basis, which was a huge struggle for me to manage on my own in the past.

Mackenzie P.

Love this app, it has saved my butt on more than one occasion, very helpful when trying to put money away for rainy days.

Dianna R.

Love this app. It’s paid for a trip to Disneyland for a family of five and paid off three credit cards so far.

Craig K.

Trusted media outlets recognize Digit

“Digit can help you save money without exerting a ton of time and energy.”

– Business Insider

“Digit provides a simple experience for consumers wanting to achieve their financial goals, focusing on saving and investing.”

– Forbes Advisor

“Digit is for folks who want a money management solution that means they don’t have to think about managing money.”

– The Penny Hoarder

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