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Set & SaveTM for effortless savings

Our app has the smarts to automatically save for you, and more.

Personal loan members get one free year of Set & Save. Just exploring? Get our app for a free 30 day trial.

$5/month after trial. Cancel anytime.


Graphic showing that Bankrate listed the Oportun app at #1 on a list of the “8 best money savings apps of 2023"

Listed #1 savings app of 2023 by Bankrate


Make progress without thinking about it

Effortless saving

Here and there, today or tomorrow…we’ll automate your savings

Unlimited goals

Set your specific savings goals and we’ll help set aside money regularly to get you there

Help reduce overdrafts

Get transfers to help bring your bank balance back to a safe level

How Set & Save works

Link your bank account so our app can learn your spending habits

Set your savings goals

Save with automatic, smart transfers over time

Save money without thinking about it®

Get our app

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