Serving and empowering communities

The people we serve are important to us. To empower our community and deepen our impact, we build relationships with other groups working to make life better.

Deepening our impact

We work hard to empower our customers to live a better life—and we don’t do it alone

Oportun woman looks at the camera in front of a vibrant corner market, feeling relief after being approved for credit that would help her take control of her finances.


Oportun customer reviews the details of her loan with an Oportun agent at retail location. She was denied a bank loan, but glad she did not have to get a payday or pawn loan.Every day, we go to work to help people build better lives—today and for generations to come. We extend that commitment by donating 1 percent of our time and net profits to charitable programs and other organizations whose work aligns with key elements of our own mission:

  • Improving financial capability
  • Expanding access to education for underserved youth
  • Strengthening local communities


A smiling Oportun customer speaks with his friend on park bench in Houston.

Through our relationships with the following organizations, we connect people to financial tools, resources, and products that help them take control of their finances, access new educational opportunities for youth in STEM, and address pressing challenges facing families in the neighborhoods where our customers live and work.