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Oportun Wins Fintech Breakthrough Award for Best Consumer Lending Company

Today, Oportun was once again named the Best Consumer Lending Company by the Fintech Breakthrough Awards. It is an honor to receive this prestigious award and be recognized for helping to put our members in control of their finances.  With intelligent borrowing, savings, budgeting, and spending capabilities, we are empowering our members with confidence that comes with financial resilience.

Through our platform, we are addressing an urgent need. According to Bankrate, more than half of Americans reporting do not have enough savings to cover an unplanned expense of $1,000 or more. Oportun was built to serve the tens if not hundreds of millions of adults in the United States who would struggle in this scenario because they lack access to responsible and affordable credit. We are proud to help our members build financial resiliency and ensure that trustworthy and hardworking people always have access to responsible and affordable credit that fits their needs.

We also believe that one of the first steps in developing financial resilience is establishing a savings account and to start setting aside enough money to cover a financial emergency. With 63% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, including nearly half of six-figure earners, getting your finances in order can be stressful and seem unachievable, even for those who are relatively well-off.

Through the use of advanced technology, we have helped our members set aside more than $8.9 billion for rainy days and other purposes, which includes an average of $1,800 in personal savings. For members who know they have the means to cover many of life’s unexpected surprises, it becomes much easier to feel confident in a brighter financial future ahead.

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