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Welcome to the Oportun app!

Whether you’re a current Oportun member, or a new friend all together, we thought we’d give you an overview of everything we can do for you. This app was designed to help you meet your money goals, like saving up for a trip, building credit, budgeting for your bills, and investing in your future all without thinking about it. And of course, you can manage your existing Oportun loan or credit card in the app. Here’s how everything works.

A savvier way to save

Our app learns your spending habits and expenses and sets aside amounts that you won’t feel, but add up fast. A little here, a little there, until you’ve got what you need. Did we mention you can set as many savings goals as you want? Just tell us how much you need and we’ll get to work. Don’t forget to track your progress on your dashboard along the way.

Manage your loan or credit card in our app

Just link your loan or credit card account within the app to make payments, check your progress, set up autopay, and more.

Bank and budget like never before

It can be tricky keeping track of what you can spend without dipping into money you’ll need for your rent or bills. We designed this app to do exactly that. Just tell us your bills and when they’re due. We’ll slowly move the right amounts into Bills, which has its own account number. Then you can spend whatever is left without worrying about if you’ll need it later.

Investing made simple

Just like our Savings product, Investing finds smart amounts to put into the market based on your income, expenses, and goals. Little by little, we’ll contribute to a balanced portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). All you have to do is choose your risk level (Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive) and we’ll invest in your portfolio at a pace that won’t take away from your other goals.

That’s about it!

We’re here to help you meet your goals as easily as possible and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here or check out our top FAQs post.

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Ready to build a better future? Apply now.

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