You are eligible to receive a $25 gift card just for calling us. And this may be increased to a $50 gift card depending on the action you take.

Receive a $25 gift card for calling Oportun about your Oportun personal loan (“Account”). After you speak with us, and depending on the action you decide to take on your Account, the gift card could be increased in value up to an additional $25, for a maximum total value of $50. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions stated below. Oportun has the right to alter or discontinue this reward program (“Program”) at any time, in its sole discretion. For purposes of this Program:

  • “Account” is defined as your personal loan with Oportun
  • “Minimum Payment” is defined as the minimum amount due on your Account as shown in Oportun’s system of record as of the date you call
  • “Participants” are defined as Oportun customers who:
    1. Have an open Account with Oportun and who have received a communication from Oportun by SMS text, email, or letter inviting them to call Oportun about their Account and receive a gift card (the “Invitation”)
    2. Call Oportun and speak with a team member in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below
  • “Reward” is defined as a Tango Card in an amount of at least $25, but no more than $50, delivered to your email address giving you access to more than 100 retailers. “Reward” is also defined as a Visa®gift card in an amount of at least $25, but no more than $50, delivered to your home.
  • A “Rewrite” is defined as a new loan where the total balance from the current Account is transferred to the new Account on new terms, giving the customer more time to pay off the debt and resulting in a lower periodic payment
  • A “call to Oportun” is considered a “call” after the team member is able to verify the caller as an Account holder and details on the account are discussed

By participating in the Program, Participants agree to these terms and conditions. This Program is void where prohibited by law.

If Oportun modifies the terms of this Program, new terms will be posted on the Oportun.com/terms/call-us website, which are effective upon posting. If the Program is cancelled, Oportun will honor Rewards earned for up to 30 days after cancellation for those Participants who meet the Program terms within that 30-day period. Disputes and claims related to the Program must be submitted within 60 days of cancellation to be considered.

Here’s how you receive a $25 gift card Reward:

The Participant must call Oportun at 888-806-9170 to speak with a team member about their Account before the offer ends.

Here’s how to receive an additional $10 gift card Reward for a total value of $35:

Make a Minimum Payment.

Here’s how to receive an additional $25 gift card Reward for a total value of $50:

Rewrite (see above) your loan (depends on suitability), which lowers your scheduled payment amount.


Employees of Oportun are not eligible for this Program. Rewards are nontransferable. Rewards are not redeemable for cash, are subject to all terms and conditions of issuer, and will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged. For Participants who provide a valid email address, the Reward will be delivered electronically to the recipient’s email address, and for customers who do not provide a valid email address, the Reward will be delivered to the Participant’s most current mailing address. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery following qualification. No Reward replacement permitted. Oportun may prohibit a Participant from participating in the Program or receiving a Reward, in its sole discretion, if it determines that such Participant is attempting to undermine the fairness, integrity, or legitimate operation of the Program in any way. Rewards are limited to one per customer.

Participants agree to release, discharge, and hold Oportun and its respective directors, officers, employees, promotion agencies, and assigns harmless against any and all claims, damages, and liability caused, or claimed to be caused, by participation in this Program or use or redemption of any Reward. In the event there is a discrepancy or inconsistency between disclosures or other statements contained in any Program materials and these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions shall prevail, govern, and control. Oportun will not be responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the Program or administration of the Program. Oportun assumes no responsibility for undeliverable email messages resulting from any form of active or passive filtering by a user’s internet service provider and/or email client or for insufficient space in user’s email account to receive email. This Program and these terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of California without regard to its principles of conflicts of law. Jurisdiction and venue shall be solely within the State of California. Oportun reserves the right to terminate or change this offer at any time. Contact us toll-free at 888-806-9170 if you have any questions concerning these terms and conditions.

Privacy: The personal information you submit when you participate in this Program will be subject to Oportun’s Privacy Policy (“Policy”). To obtain a copy of the Policy, visit Oportun’s website at Oportun.com/privacy/policy or call 855-314-5927 and ask for a copy of Oportun’s Privacy Policy. Any personal information handled by an agency or vendor of Oportun will be done solely on its behalf and all such information shall be handled in conformity with its Privacy Policy. Marden-Kane, Inc. and Zferral, Inc. dba Ambassador Software (Tango Card) have been contracted as an independent third-party administrator. Participant information is shared with Marden-Kane, Inc. and Zferral, Inc. dba Ambassador Software (Tango Card) for the sole purpose of Reward fulfillment.


Presented by Oportun, Inc./Oportun LLC., 2 Circle Star Way, San Carlos, CA 94070.

*This Program is not sponsored or endorsed by Tango Card or Visa®.