The perfect gift for Father’s Day on a budget

Love is in the Details, not the Dollars

While you may want to show your dad your appreciation with a great gift, there are other things to consider – such as sticking to your budget and not adding to personal debt. This year, make it all about the little details. Follow these tips for a meaningful gesture on a budget.

Custom-made card instead of store-bought

No need for a store-bought card. Show off your creative skills (or lack thereof) and hand-make a card using printer paper. You could even fold it up to make it fun, check out the video tutorial at the bottom of this page on making a paper bow.

Food is the key to the heart

Live with your parents or close by? Start the day sweet by surprising your dad by making his favorite breakfast. Can’t make it over in the morning? Homemade lunch or dinner are just as impactful. Make it an event by also making their favorite dessert!

DIY caring coupons

Give Dad DIY coupons for nice deeds from you: An offer to do some chores around the house, like doing the dishes or fixing something broken. Remember you’re having Father’s Day on a budget, so feel free to go overboard with these free and thoughtful actions… and don’t forget to follow through!

Whether you’re saving up to upgrade your car or paying off your debts, remember that you don’t need to spend a ton to say a whole lot. It’s the little things that count (and they usually don’t come with a price tag).

Hurricane Harvey and Oportun’s contribution to help affected employees and customers

Financial stress is difficult enough. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, Oportun knew how important it was to support its customers and employees.

Guiding principles: Dignity and compassion

Oportun Houston locations were shut down immediately and remained closed until each could be assessed and considered safe to enter. All staff and customers were encouraged to stay at home rather than come to work or to make a payment at the risk of their personal safety.


Oportun ensured that all employees were safe, even arranging a boat to pick up one stranded in a flooded home. Then the company issued gift cards for immediate financial assistance. Oportun continued to pay wages as if employees were working their regular schedules to minimize the impact on personal budgets. Further, they provided an emergency phone number for an Oportun-sponsored program that makes referrals to free services, including counseling in case employees needed emotional support.

Oportun also set up an Employee Assistance Fund with a matching grant from Oportun to help affected employees deal with the financial impact in the long term. These funds will be available to employees in any future hardships as well.


Many of Oportun’s customers live in low-to-moderate income communities whose lives are even more vulnerable in this kind of natural catastrophe. To ease immediate stress, the company postponed payments for some Houston customers affected by the hurricane, and it waived fees for late payments. One of Oportun’s corporate values is care, where compassion and dignity have a place.

The measures Oportun took in Houston demonstrate Oportun’s commitment to community, employees and customers.