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Fast, affordable personal loans in Hayward, CA

20852 Mission Boulevard
Hayward, CA 94541

Mon-Fri: 11:00 am-6:30 pm
Sat: 10:00 am-4:00 pm

What customers are saying about this location

Are you able to get another loan right after you get a personal loan ? Or no

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Gicela Hernandez

from Google

Great service!!! Lady at front explains everything to the last detail really good

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Angel Urzua

from Google

First I would like to say, That oportun has helped me so much in rough times. They are very helpful and willing to work with customers to the full Extent.I reapplied for another loan at Creekside Hayward Mission Oportun store, I had a wonderful Experience with Rosa Figueroa, she Helped me so much and made it easy and understanding to me to compleat my application process. I would give this place 10 stars. I recommend coming here if you need a personal Loan. They will explain and take the time to review the terms of your contract making it clear and knowledgeable to everyone.

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GalloFino 92

from Google

Jose S help me with my loan and did a awesome job real fast and good

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Reginald Blunt

from Google

Mariel Cordon has an excellent customer service, she walked me through everything explaining every detail to me very thoroughly. She’s very welcoming with a smile on her face. I highly recommend you to get help from her. Also Karina Ochoa was very helpful. Opportun company is always very helpful and welcoming to there customers. Thank you!

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Lilian Velasco

from Google

Andedio bue serbisio

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Julieta Juarez

from Google

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