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Everyone deserves access to affordable credit—especially during times of crisis. We’re committed to providing better financial services and resources that strengthen financial wellness.

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Worried about
making a payment?

We can help. If you’re impacted by COVID-19, we offer a number of payment options, including reduced payments and deferrals, depending on your situation. Plus, because we know how important your credit score is, we won’t report any skipped payments as late if you make arrangements with us in advance.* Please call, text, or email so we can help.

[email protected]om

*Any existing past due status will continue to be reported. Finance charges will continue to accrue during enrollment in our hardship program

Access free benefits from local providers

Find jobs with help from Steady

Find regular jobs and odd jobs, increase your income, and plan for your future

Get financial advice from UnidosUS

Learn about credit, financial planning, and more with free financial coaching

Discover services through SpringFour

Discover local nonprofit and government programs providing financial support

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Keeping your
information secure

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to exploit others—stealing their identities, dipping into bank accounts, or squirreling away personal information. To avoid fraud and scams:

  • Be careful giving out personal information, even when it appears to come from a legitimate source; this is a common tactic of cyber criminals
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails or text messages
  • Do not click on suspicious links or open email attachments from unknown senders
  • Use strong, unique passwords: the best passwords are at least 14 characters long and include numbers and symbols; free password manager programs can also help
  • Be careful using public wi-fi: anyone connected to the same network can listen in to what your computer is sending and receiving across the internet

Oportun will never ask you for confidential information over email, including usernames or passwords.

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