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Smarter investing

Just like saving, Oportun makes investing effortless. Now you can plan for next week, next year, and beyond—all without thinking about it.

Personal loan members get one free year of effortless saving, budgeting, and investing. Just exploring? Download our app for a free 30 day trial.

$5/month after trial. Cancel anytime. See other terms.


A savvier way to plan ahead

Invest at your own pace

With smart amounts that take your expenses, habits, and other savings goals into account

Effortless investments

That guide your money to a balanced portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) bit by bit

Choose your risk level

From slow and steady to higher risks and rewards, you’re in control


Pick a portfolio and we’ll do the rest


This portfolio of ETFs poses lower risk for folks who may need their money sooner


This portfolio is designed for solid gains over a longer time period


This option carries the highest risk, but has potential for larger returns over time

Let Oportun think about your retirement

We approach retirement the same way we do saving—a little a day adds up fast. Little by little, we contribute amounts that make sense for your full financial picture.

Roth or Traditional IRAs

Choose the Individual Retirement Account that fits with your salary so you can save on taxes. Oportun keeps annual limits in mind so you don’t contribute too much.

One step closer, each day

Just like saving up for goals, Oportun finds smart amounts each day that you won’t feel. You won’t notice it today, but future you will thank you.

How it works

Link your bank account and choose your risk level

Our app learns your spending habits and expenses

Once your saving account is active, we can invest smart amounts toward your long term portfolio

See how effortless investing can be

Get our app

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