Meet our leadership team

Portrait of Oportun's Alicia Dagosta

Alicia Dagosta

VP, Subasesora General, Cumplimiento y Asuntos Legales Normativos
Portrait of Oportun's Ann Stonehouse

Ann Stonehouse

VP, Marketing Directo
Portrait of Oportun's Casey Mueller

Casey Mueller

VP, Finanzas y Controlador
Portrait of Oportun's Christine Martin

Christine Martin

VP, Total Rewards y Sistema de Información de Recursos Humanos (HRIS)
Portrait of Oportun's Chuck Johnston

Chuck Johnston

VP, Inteligencia Comercial y Datos
Portrait of Oportun's Ezra Garrett

Ezra Garrett

SVP, Relaciones Públicas e Impacto
Portrait of Oportun's Gaurav Rana

Gaurav Rana

SVP, Datos y Análisis
Portrait of Oportun's Gonzalo Palacio

Gonzalo Palacio

SVP, Tarjetas de Crédito
Portrait of Oportun's Heidi Barron

Heidi Barron

VP, Desarrollo de Localidades y Centros
Portrait of Oportun's Chief Legal Officer Joan Aristei

Joan Aristei

Asesora General y Directora de Riesgo
Portrait of Oportun's CFO Jonathan Coblentz

Jonathan Coblentz

Director de Finanzas
Portrait of Oportun's Juan Liu

Juan Liu

VP, Análisis de Cobranzas
Portrait of Oportun's Kate Layton

Kate Layton

VP, Subasesora General, Secretaria Corporativa
Portrait of Oportun's Kyle Rhoades

Kyle Rhoades

VP de Mercado de Capitales y Tesorería
Portrait of Oportun's Marta Palacios

Marta Palacios

VP, Subasesora General, Comercial, Global y PI
Portrait of Oportun's Martin Lespada

Martin Lespada

VP, Deposit Products
Portrait of Oportun's COO Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins

Director de Operaciones
Portrait of Oportun's Nick LeCuyer

Nicholas LeCuyer

SVP, Desarrollo Corporativo y Estrategia
Portrait of Oportun's Pat Kirscht

Patrick Kirscht

Director de Créditos
Portrait of Oportun's Rahul Vemulapally

Rahul Vemulapally

VP, Risk Management, Credit Cards
Portrait of Oportun's Ram Ramaswamy

Ram Ramaswamy

SVP, Arquitectura de Soluciones y Aplicación
Portrait of Oportun CEO Raul Vazquez

Raul Vazquez

Director Ejecutivo
Portrait of Oportun's Seher Banwari

Seher Banwari

VP, Cumplimiento y Riesgo Empresarial
Portrait of Oportun's Chief People Officer Stacy Newton

Stacy Newton

Directora Comunitaria
Portrait of Oportun's Trevor Wade

Trevor Wade

VP, Marca y Contenido
Portrait of Oportun's Tyson Kopczynski

Tyson Kopczynski

Director de la Iinformación de Seguridad
Portrait of Oportun's Usher Lieberman

Usher Lieberman

VP, Comunicaciones Corporativas
Portrait of Oportun's Veejay Leswal

Veejay Leswal

VP, Tecnología y Operaciones en la Nube

Our board of directors

Employee profiles

here’s a blurb about our amazing employees. Yay.

Thank you for your continuing commitment to serve our team and our members. We value your daily contributions to our culture and helping us further our mission of financial inclusion.   

Aileen’s story was included in the most recent issue of Modern Counsel Magazine. We are very proud to have you on our team, Aileen! Thank you for your commitment to our mission.

Aileen Chou, Modern Counsel

Our Senior Director and Senior Corporate Counsel, Aileen Chou has been a significant contributor to some of our most important business milestones. Her career has been guided by her desire to make a difference and have an impact in her community.

Alejandra Velazquez, Hispanic Executive


George Gonzalez, Hispanic Executive 

Our Communications Director, George Gonzalez, has made a career out of service to others and was recently featured in Hispanic Executive magazine.  

Gonzalo Palacio, Hispanic Executive

Joan Aristei, Modern Counsel

Our General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer, Joan Aristei, was included in the “Empowered” issue of Modern Counsel magazine. Thank you for your leadership and for assembling a diverse team of corporate lawyers who are as dedicated to our mission and members as you are. 

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